About Emancipation

Freedom is not overrated, it’s only not spoken about enough even though it’s a global problem. It’s best to understand that what we are is of no consequence if we cannot share what we have, because in sharing lies true love, and in love freedom, and while total freedom might be illusory, bondage is real and where there is bondage, there is desire for freedom. But a very thin line separates knowing there’s bondage, understanding the bondage and deciding if freedom is worth the call, and if it is, to what capacity and in what manner.

Emancipation comes away to answer many of your break-away questions and bring relevance to various concepts and forms of freedom and also aims to tackle the depressive factor that beleaguers the browner part of the world, and ultimately, the world in general. The blog is run by Iwundu Wisdom and Samuel Ogechukwu, both of whom are Nigerian writers dedicated to enlighten and emancipate the wider world from every form of constriction. Share your bondage. Get your freedom.

Welcome to Emancipation…your freedom from all things.